account – any way of making sense of a thing; an explanation of any kind.  I.e. an account could be an analysis of a thing in terms of its components, its function, its telos, a particularly fruitful analogy, an origin story real or mythological, a normative justification, etc.

conceptual technology – A conceptual technology is a structure which may be used to chunk and organize a representation, making it less cognitively demanding to hold in working memory, and which highlights lacunae or irrelevancies.  It is a structure into which multiple representations may be usefully shaped. As such, it is neither true nor false, but rather apt or inapt for a given context, or (more broadly) useless or useful.

framework – a coherent set of conceptual technologies, usually combined with a set of assumptions and goals that are well served by those conceptual technologies. A given ideology, academic discipline, subdiscipline, cultural or subcultural idiom, etc. may be called a framework. A framework is a little like a dialect; it may be hard to distinguish between them. The extent to which a framework is a social institution (like a dialect) or vulnerable to individual idiosyncracy (like a personal idiom) is open to question.

moth – a kind of fancy that wanders extravagantly across frameworks, mixing e.g. fairytales and science in its accounts with reckless abandon.  Moth the First is about the webs of the Eormenspider; Moth the Second concerns the Maelelk and his yggdrasilian antlers.

pluralism – the idea that there are multiple valid values and/or perspectives.  See William James’ Pluralistic Universe or Isaiah Berlin’s The  Hedgehog and the Fox.


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